Live Bee Removal Services in Southern California

 We are one of the few honest companies that offers live bee removal and relocation to a managed bee yard. We are beekeepers and we safely remove the bees alive and relocate them to one of our bee yards. All of our bee yards are designed with the bees needs first. The bees have access to clean pond water and almost year round flora.

Sadly 95% of our competition is saying they remove bees alive but the bees are either killed once they leave or the bees are released in an open area. Releasing bees is not a good idea and just means they will probably end up being a problem for another person.

We are based in North San Diego serving most of Southern California. Call us for a quote! Our pricing is very fair and we try to stay competitive or equal to what you would pay to have the bees exterminated.

We also offer local pollination services and we will allow pollination subcontracts from almond pollinators who are reputable.

Call or text (760) 723-8100 for more information or schedule an appointment.