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    Why are your NF32 frames only sold in such odd packs size?


    We know the sizes are strange but they work out for most bee keepers. Plus, our friends from the Mid West to the East coast really needed to maximize shipping costs. We ship frame packs in a square box to maximize the frame count per box.
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    I am a commercial beekeeper and I need to place a large order.


    We accommodate bulk orders with a 2500pc minimum. We also offer commercial customers NF32 w/plastic foundation. Contact us.
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    Can I run all NF32 frames?


    Yes and we recommend it as well as running all 8 frame medium boxes. (an 8 frame box holds 9 narrow frames)
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    Why is your shipping so expensive to the Midwest and East Coast?


    We apologize. We are at the far edge of the Southwestern US and we ship bulky wood products that get charged dimensional weight which adds up the farther you are away from us. We are constantly looking at ways to reduce shipping costs.
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    Do you offer NF32 with wax foundation?


    No. We feel since the US wax supply is tainted, bees are better off on plastic foundation which we offer for bulk commercial beekeepers.
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    How do NF32 Narrow frames help with treatment free beekeeping?


    Because our frames allow both natural small cell development and a more natural comb spacing. This allows the bees to better maintain their hive. We also encourage almost complete wax removal annually except for maybe 1-2 frames of drawn comb. No comb should be carried over after year 2.
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    What does NF32 mean?


    It is term that we coined to differentiate our frames from standard hive frames. It stands for Narrow Frame 32mm (1 1/4").
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