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NF32 Natural Brood Frames
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60-frame pack for $129.00 

Our NF32 Natural Brood Frames are narrow frames (32mm) that allow the bees to work brood comb more efficiently because the spacing is more like a natural bee hive.

NF32 frames are 6 5/8" assembled frames and with a V-Top bar for natural, foundationless beekeeping. They are sold in packs of 60 frames.

By using our NF32 and standard frames in a standard Langstroth hive box you will be able to create a hive comb spacing that better replicates the natural spacing in a bee hive. (first discovered by Francois Huber.)

In the book The Practical Beekeeper - Beekeeping Naturally Michael Bush states the ideal natural beekeeping situation is to use foundationless frames and use narrow frame spacing. By using our NF32 frames you will be able to obtain both small cells and a natural brood comb space.

Why is frame width spacing so important?
The standard frames from every major supplier in the USA are 1 3/8” (35mm) wide. This is an average spacing size that was decided by humans, it is not what was best for the bees if you use a natural bee hive as your reference. Bees naturally will vary the width of the comb based on the task; 1 ¼” (32mm) for brood, 1 3/8” (35mm) for drones/honey/pollen and 1 1/2” (38mm) for honey surplus.

The advantages of narrow frames:
  • More frames per box

  • Encourages bees to build smaller cells

  • The missing component for beekeepers wanting small cell and natural comb spacing

  • Small cell can help with varroa hygiene and narrow frames have shown a reduction in Nosema
  • Reduces drone comb

  • 9 NF32 Frames fit in an 8 frame box and 11 NF32 Frames fit in a 10 frame box.

For more information on frame width spacing and natural beekeping please visit
Michael Bush’s website . We highly recommend that you buy Michael’s books on bees .

Commercial beekeepers will love our NF32 frames as you get more brood frames in a box!
More brood means more $$$ in the almond fields.
We sell NF32 Medium and Deep frames w/ genuine Pierco Plastic foundation in black or white.
1020 piece minimum order, ships truck freight.
Contact us for price.
Insulated Perimeter Lid

After going back and forth trying all the available hive top designs, inner covers, top entrance adapters, vents, quilts, etc… We decided to step back and look at the available facts about bees, logs, roofs, temperature, humidity, science, myths and common sense. Just like our Combo Bee Box, we created a hive top lid that is truly unique, efficient and ulitarian.
This is is the best hive top on the market for both new and experienced beekeepers.
Your bees will instantly be living better once you get them under our Insulated Perimeter Lid .

  • No inner covers!

  • The small top entrance leads to a channel way. The entrance is easy to defend for the bees and it eliminates upper internal moisture build up issues

  • Solid brass top entrance cover and hardware

  • Our lid has four layers and dual radiant barriers! An outer copper radiant barrier, waxed plywood, insulation, foil, and then plywood.

  • Reduces & stabilizes temperature peaks; both hot and cold

  • Less stress on the bee colony

  • Lowers the energy requirement for the bees for temperature control

  • 4 times the R value of a typical hive top!

  • Can be used with existing 8 frame Langstroth hives

  • Fully Weather proofed with paraffin wax and rosin before assembling copper top.

Please note that the cambium and cells of the wood are not all the same size and they absorb more (or less) wax, but the entire lid is weatherproofed.

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Combo Bee Box 8-Frame

 We combined several beekeeping product standards into a single high quality, efficient product that eliminates extra parts and long term costs. The Combo Bee Box is a 8-frame medium hive box that is a little deeper and has an attached screen bottom. It eliminates the worry of choosing the wrong type of equipment. This is important for new beekeepers who don’t know which technique to use. Experienced beekeepers will enjoy the elimination of extra parts and its efficient and utilitarian design.


  • A Made in the USA “best in the industry” wax dipped pine hive box thats is fully weatherized - no painting...ever!
  • Varroa mite screen bottom

  • Dual galvanized steel entrances with four options:
    • Queen includer / invasive queen blocker
    • Variable Open Entrance
    • Ventilation
    • Fully closed

  • Galvanized steel entrances can be painted, marked or use numbered stickers or magnets for colony identification

  • Ideal as a swarm starter box or nuc box and it eliminates the need for 5-frame nuc components

Please note that the cambium and cells of the wood are not all the same size and they absorb more (or less) wax, but the entire Combo Bee Box is weatherproofed.
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